Happy 55th Birthday Morris Day!

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite performers of all time, Morris Day.  Our staff has had the pleasure of seeing The Time perform several times and are happy that Morris and the current crew, Original 7ven are still keeping that real 80s funk alive. Morris Day, along with Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Jesse Johnson and the rest of The Time, changed popular music forever and we want to send warm birthday thoughts his way today.

From the Original 7ven Facebook page:

Holding down The Time / The Original 7ven for 30 years, he stole the show in Purple Rain, From Movies to TV to Music Morris is “Swag, Incorporated” This is Mr. C.O.O.L. / The President of “Condensate” – Mr. Morris E. Day

soulhead.com Founder Ron Worthy and Morris Day.

Here are some of our favorite Morris Day moments:

What’s the Password? from Purple Rain with Jerome Benton

Morris Day Seeks Perfection from Purple Rain

Get It Up performed on Soul Train

Random Side Note:  We wonder how Morris felt lip-synching over Prince-lead vocals.  In addition, in the interview with Don Cornelius, Morris tells a pretty big fib relating to their “self-contained” production. It is widely believed that Prince was largely responsible for these earlier albums and literally brought Morris in to complete the final vocals.


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