The Original 7ven AKA The Time featuring Morris Day, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson TEASER TRAILER

For years, we have been dreaming of this super group to really come back in its original form.  Like Aaron Hall sung in that song by Guy, “My dreams are now reality!”  All of the original band members of the Time have reunited.  One of the funkiest outfits to come out of the Minneapolis invasion of the ’80s, The Time personified Cool for young Black kids in ‘hoods across America, including mine on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C.  I recall my uncle, who was a DJ at the time, getting the Time’s first album and thinking the synth lines, bass and guitar were seriously reminiscent of another Twin Cities son, Prince.  As we would later learn, Prince was at the helm in the studio and The Time would emerge as the mirror image of Prince’s more testosterone filled alter-ego.  We are eagerly awaiting the music that is beginning to surface from this reunited powerhouse of a group.  Stay tuned!

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