Earth Wind & Fire Live at the Oakland Coliseum on December 30-31, 1981

We were reminded of this incredible concert last night following Centric‘s exciting series Being, which features some of the best classic soul and R&B artists who have significantly impacted modern music. Following their airing of the Earth, Wind and Fire episode, they immediately aired an incredible performance (which was released as a live DVD) by the band in Oakland in 1981. Replete with pyrotechnics, incredible musicianship, tight melodies and just plain raw entertainment, this show knocks from beginning to end and showcases the legendary band at its peak. We were pleased to find it on the interweb and bring it to you for your viewing and grooving pleasure.

Finally, we are very excited for all of the edutaining programming that Centric has in store for Black Music Month. Stay tuned for more details.

Recorded live on December 30 & 31, 1981 in Oakland, this DVD captures the band at their absolute peak. Despite being a group of skillful musicians, the true essence of the band has always been the live show, with the choreography, the horns, and the massive stage show supplementing the outstanding combination of funk and R&B.

The flamboyant rock/soul group is captured in all their splendor during their two night stand at the Oakland Coliseum on December 30-31, 1981.

Other Details:
Studio: Universal Music & Video Distribution
Orig Year: 1981
Release Date: Apr 22, 2008

Opening Sequence [1:49]
Let Your Feelings Show [5:10]
In the Stone [3:55]
Fantasy [4:28]
Sing a Song [2:45]
Reasons [5:51]
Remember the Children, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Shining Star, Keep Your Head to the Sky, Devotion [6:50]
Gratitude [4:56]
That’s the Way of the World [7:19]
I’ve Had Enough [4:39]
Jupiter (The Battle) [4:30]
Let’s Groove [4:09]
End Credits [1:56]

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