#ThatTimeWhen Prince Wrote a Song About Donald Trump [FULL STREAM]

Prince Wrote a Song About Donald Trump

Our hat is tipped to all of the fellow Prince fans who are likely still floating on a purple cloud after last night’s official Prince tribute. As the photos and anticipatory posts filled our timelines about the pending festivities, one unrelated headline popped up that piqued our attention “…The Times’s Lawyer Responds to Donald Trump.”  Without thinking about the recent turmoil relating to the (unfortunate) presidential candidate’s self admitted indiscretions against woman, we immediate thought it was about the group, The Time (yes, that Time with Morris Day) and the potential for a Donald Trump lawsuit against the group.  We were all up in our feelings like “REALLY DONALD?  REALLY!!!”  As it turns out, the article was indeed about The New York Times replying to Donald Trump’s legal team about their ridiculous threat of a libel lawsuit.

As many Prince fans know, around the time of the ill fated Graffiti Bridge movie, The Time released a pretty solid album called Pandamonium (Paisley Park, 1990).   Featuring standout cuts like “Jerk Out” and the official release of bootlegs, “Chocolate” and “Data Bank,” the album also featured “Donald Trump (Black Version).”  According to the Washington Post, the track could have easily been Trump’s 2016 campaign theme song.   On the song, Morris confidently brags about wanting to wine and dine his love interest and buy her the ever present “Diamond and Pearls” that make another appearance in this track.  As you can see from the lyrics below, Prince (via Morris) plans to leverage more than his personality to woo this lady whose “favorite color is green.”    According to Prince biographer, Matt Thorne in his book, “Prince: The Man and His Music” the track was initially written for the The Time’s unreleased album, Corporate World, but was released on Pandemonium instead.

In any case, if you are not up on this track, peep this joint for old time sake.

Donald Trump (Black Version) Lyrics:
Honey baby, you truly know it. You truly know it.
You look good. Tryin’ your best to show it.
If I were you, I would. True love and affection.
These are nice, so nice but when a money man walks in the room, girl, you look more than twice.
You look once, you look twice. Can I rap to you sugar tonight?

Donald Trump (black version), maybe that’s what you need.
A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream.
Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance.
A 1990’s love affair, the real romance.

Honey baby, you are the finest. I have seen.
And your disposition’s so kind you’re never mean.
Girl, you’re to good to be true. But last night when you were asleep, you slipped big time.
I heard you. You said your favorite color was green.
So guess what?

(repeat chorus)

Now look here baby. I ain’t tryin’ to be 90 proof.
But a super strong woman. She needs a super strong dude.

Sweet words of love are helpful.
But what goes a lot farther than that?
A hundred dollar dinner at Adriano’s?
A brand new coat or a brand new hat?
Yes, I can do this!

… Donald Trump (black version), maybe that’s what you need.
Come on, come on take a chance.
…. A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream.
I can fill your every dream, baby.
…. Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance.
You and me, baby… and me!
…. A 1990’s love affair.
So many things.
… The real romance.
So many things.

…. Diamonds and pearls.
I wanna buy you things.
…. (Oooooh, I can hear you talkin’ to me baby)
…. Maybe that’s what you need.
’cause I want all the other girls to bug.
…. A man that fulfills your every wish.
My name is Morris, baby.
…. Your every dream.
And I dig you. And when I dig somebody.
…. Donald Trump (black version).
They stay dug.
…. Come on take a chance.
They stay dug baby.
…. A 1990’s love affair, the real romance.

I…, I…, I…, I got what you need baby.
Come on baby, come on take a chance.

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