Bootsy Collins UNSUNG Full Episode TV One Documentary

From – While his star-shaped sunglasses and outrageous outfits helped him stand-out, it was his pioneering bass lines that helped to define the sounds of both James Brown and George Clinton. Thanks to his older brother Catfish Collins, Bootsy learned to play bass while growing up in the ghetto.  His love of music led him to King Records, where he forged a relationship with his ‘second father,’ James Brown.  Brown’s tough love and brilliant leadership helped prepare the natural musician when he joined forces with George Clinton in Parliament/Funkadelic.  Bootsy later took his larger than life persona and led the group Bootsy’s Rubber Band.  Told in his own words, Bootsy candidly shares the personal problems which led him to withdraw from the scene at the height of his career and what ultimately brought him back.

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