Bootsy Collins Announces Retirement from Live Performance

In an unexpected announcement via social media, William “Bootsy” Collins, the legendary bass player and innovator, confirmed that he will no longer be performing the bass live in concert going forward.

According to the former Parliament/Funkadelic and James Brown bassist, he decided to call it a career based on advice from his doctor, which he posted on his Facebook page: “Doc said to much pressure on my Inner-Ear & Right Hand.” Luckily, Collins will continue to be active in studio sessions and also as a teacher to up and coming musicians.

While we will sorely miss his personality and crucial role in the ascension of “The One” and funk in general, we are happy for his past contributions and his decision to choose his health.

Here is the complete text from his message on Facebook:

“Time has come for Me to tell all our Funkateers that I will Not be Playing Bass in Concerts anymore. I have decided to become a Coach for up & coming Musicians. I know u r Disappointed just think for a moment how I feel. Doc said to much pressure on my Inner-Ear & Right Hand. Yeah, I had to make up my Mind so I did. 2019 Sheriff Ping Ping Ping will continue to Funk from the Studio but Not Live playing Bass on Stage. I know u got question & I don’t have answers, maybe one day u to will understand. Just remember; That This Year will be the Funkiest Year of them All. Watch for it. Bootsy baby!!!”

Check out some of our favorite Bootsy moments below:

I’d Rather Be With You” (Live in Houston, TX at The Summit on October 31st, 1976)

The New James Brown Band and The Birth of Bootsy” (Mini-Documentary)

Hollywood Squares/Mothership Connection” (Live at Coney Island Boardwalk Amphitheater, Brooklyn, NY August 12, 2016)

Bootsy Collins on Prince

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