soulhead Must Listen! New Music from UK Soul Legend Omar and Zed Bias with “Dancing” BUTTER!!!!

We just heard a new incredible cut from UK soul legend, Omar. The song is called “Dancing” and features the dancehall infected verses of Zed Bias. The groove pulsates with an energy which would be equally at home in Ibiza as it would be in Brixton or Brooklyn for that matter. This one is definitely for the dancefloor and has that familiar booming baritone that Soulheads world-wide have come to love and crave. This latest installment fits nicely alongside other recent dancehall and Caribbean inspired songs like “Its So”from his most recent album, Sing (if you Want It).

On top of an incredible track and vocals, the song soars lyrically and visually. The video looks like the party you would expect from hearing the track. The party-goers seem to be doing a dance of some sort that looks hot. We think Omar should pull a Souljah Boy and do another video teaching his fans how to do the dance. We’re just sayin.

This album comes in a long line of classic albums that have changed the face of modern soul music worldwide.  According to WikiPedia, “ noted that he is described by some as the father of British neo-soul”.  Having had the pleasure of knowing Omar for years and loving his music for even more, we couldn’t agree more.

Bravo Omar!!!!

Listen and watch “Dancing” with Zed Bias here:

Here are a few of our other favorites from Omar for those who are just getting up to speed:


Golden Brown

There’s Nothing Like This

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