Jay-Z to Partner with Adult Swim for Animated Series

AdWeek.com reports that Jay-Z announced a development deal with racy cartoon network, Adult Swim, and is more than likely an animated series.  Although this would be Jay-Z’s first foray into television, it would not be the first time Adult Swim has worked with hip hop artist or leveraged the genre.

According to AdWeek:

“in 2006, Danger Mouse and MF Doom dropped The Mouse and the Mask, an LP replete with vocal cameos from Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Meatwad and Master Shake…In 2006, Adult Swim’s daytime sibling, Cartoon Network, rolled the dice on an animated series developed by André 3000. Featuring original music from the former OutKast dynamo, Class of 3000 ran for two seasons.”

This could be interesting for sure. We are fans of both Adult Swim and Jay-Z. Read more here.

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