MEET Artist Ronyai Hawkins and Listen to His Timely and Positive Message to “Keep on Fighting”

Ronyai Hawkins
Given all of the negative energy that has pervaded our collective atmosphere over the past several years, it is exciting to see a young artist make a positive statement.   Singer Ronyai Hawkins has created an anthem that needs to be heard.  His self directed video, “Keep On Fighting,” sheds light on a number of issues that have impacted us all including police brutality, civil rights, homelessness, racial prejudice and social injustice.   Currently residing in Orlando, Florida but hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, the passionate singer presents a compelling display of images and footage from the recent news as well as historical footage to illustrate his message of unity and peace.  

Watching the video and listening to his impressive voice will inspire you to commit yourself to push for change.  In an era of mumble rap and pervasive negative imagery, this is truly a breath of fresh air.  Standing on the shoulders of other positive artists like Public Enemy, Common, John Legend, KRS-One and many others, this young brother is doing the right thing and deserves more than your attention.  He deserves your engagement and commitment to share and elevate this important message.   We were fortunate enough to learn a little bit more about him and invite you to do the same as you check out this great new single and video.  Enjoy!

soulhead:  Where are you from?
Ronyai Hawkins:  Originally Im from Kansas City, Missouri and was raised in Orlando,FL
soulhead:How did you get involved with music?
Ronyai Hawkins:  I’ve always been involved with music ever since I was a child. My mother’s side of the family contained alot of musicians and singers in gospel music. My cousins and uncles formed a quartet called the Goldenaires and they opened for many well known artists like Mavis Staples and the Staple singers, Shirley Caesar at the Gospel Sunday Brunch at the House of Blues in Orlando. That was my introduction to music. I have been dancing since I was 5. Later on, when I got into High School, a few of my classmates and myself started our own acapella group. So I was always around music.
soulhead: Who are your musical influences?
Ronyai Hawkins:  My musical influences are very diverse by genres but the ones I gravitated to the most were Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Musiq Soulchild, D’Angelo, Bob Marley, Rakim, Nas, Common, Tupac, and Anthony Hamilton.
soulhead: What inspired this?
Ronyai Hawkins:  What inspired me to do this video and record was to be a voice for the voiceless. I felt that there were not enough artists utilizing their platform and shedding light on the social and economic injustices of the world that are once again a direct mirror reflecting back to the Civil Rights Movement and how history is repeating itself. I was getting inspired by the stories on the news and in my community.
soulhead:  What do you hope will come from this song and video?
Ronyai Hawkins:  My focus and prayer is that this video and song will create a dinner conversation for many households and let that energy transfer into activism and healing to those who have faced this hardship whether from family or totally stranger. I want this song to reach as many cultures as possible because our children are the future and we dont want to repeat the same issues that our parents or grandparents have faced or have been conditioned to accept it. Racism, police brutality, and homelessness in America are very sensitive issues but we must talk about it in the open and come to a solution. Music is my weapon of choice.

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