Happy Birthday Helen Folasade Adu + Rare Sade Playlist!!!

Sade Birthday Rare Playlist

Anyone who knows us can attest to the fact that we love Helen Folasade Adu.  This incredible sister and her band, Sade, has made one of the most incredible impacts on soul, jazz and popular music for over 30 years.  From the beginning, her sound and vibe have been synonymous with cool and class.  So we want to take some time out to wish her a great day.  To honor her, we have done some research and put together a compilation of several rare tracks that you may not have ever heard before.  Check this and enjoy.

1) Spirit — B side to “Smooth Operator” (1984)
2) Red Eye — Single A-side to “Smooth Operator” (1984)
3) Killer Blow — from the movie, Absolute Beginners (1986)
4) Mum — Darfur Fundraiser (2011)
5) Please Send Me Someone to Love – Remake of Percy Mayfield song. Appeared on the Best of Sade (2009)
6) Love Affair with Life – B-side to “Your Love Is King” (UK release) (1984)
7) Should I Love You — B-side to “When Am I Going To Make a Living” (1984)
8) Make Some Room — B Side to “Nothing Can Come Between Us” (1988)
9) Room 55 — B-side to “Kiss of Life” (1993) (*Note: Currently unavailable)
10) Keep Hanging On (Live) — B-side to “Never As Good As The First Time” (1985)
11) Super Bien Total — B-side to “Paradise” (1988)
12) Snake Bite — “Smooth Operator” Single A side instrumental interlude (1984)
13) Sade with Alicia Keys — “Love is Stronger than Pride” Live (2011) (*Video blocked in USA)
14) “Love is Stronger than Pride” — Live (2011)
15) “Still in Love With You” – from Ultimate Collection (2012)
16) “Love is Found” – from the Ultimate Collection (2012)
17) “I Would Have Never Guessed” – From Ultimate Collection (2012)
18) “Moon and the Sky” – Remix with Jay-Z from Ultimate Collection
19) “By Your Side” – Neptunes Remix (2009)
20) “By Your Side” – Cottonbelly’s Fola mix edit (2002)
21) “Wired” – Rare instrumental circa 1982
22) “Cry Me a River” – London 1982
23) Pride (featuring Sade Adu) – “When You Can’t Back Down” (Heaven Nightclub 1982)
24) Pride (featuring Sade Adu) – Ecstacy (Live) Solid Light Studios London 1982
25) Pride (featuring Sade Adu) – “Manhandled” (You Won’t Break Me Now)
26) Flower of the Universe – from A Wrinkle in Time Soundtrack 2018
27) The Big Unknown – from Widows Soundtrack 2018

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