Andre Cymone Delivers A Timely and Passionate Ode to Being A “Black Man in America”

Andre Cymone

We are pleased to present this powerful new track from Andre Cymone called “Black Man In America.” The track features a very funky rock guitar and bass arrangement and poignant lyrics about the current state of being Black in America. Andre touches on themes like the negative images of Black folks in Hollywood to the difficulties in getting a job or trying to just survive nowadays in such a hostile environment. The former Prince bassist really goes deep on this one and the haunting refrain “you don’t know what it’s like” is unfortunately more true today than it has ever been. From police brutality to the lack of opportunities for people of color, this country has to do better and this song is the type of justice call we need to hear.

We are looking forward to his forthcoming EP of the same name which was released recently.

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