Amid Some Controversy, CNN Spinoff Network, HLN, To Broadcast “Prince: The End – How It Really Happened” on Friday, February 10, 2017 at 9PM EST

Prince Rogers Nelson Circa 2016
We recently learned that HLN, a CNN spinoff network known for investigative news reports like “Forensic Files,” “Primetime Justice” and other similar shows, will air “Prince: The End – How It Really Happened,” tomorrow (Friday, February 10, 2017).  According to the network’s site, the show will be hosted by Hill Harper and “pulls back the curtain to expose the secret struggles the music genius faced and traces the early years of his life up to his final days.”  The show will feature interviews from CNN contributor and friend, Van Jones, as well as long time friend and bandmate, Andre’ Cymone, among others.

if CNN had come to us and said, ‘We want to interview Andre’ for a show we are doing called ‘Prince: The End’ , the answer would have been an easy one. No.

Yesterday, Andre’s wife, Katherine C. Anderson, addressed the pending television program on HLN in a heartfelt article published via Medium entitled “How THIS Happened.”   Apparently, representatives from HLN seem to have presented the opportunity for Cymone to shed light on the early career of the Purple One rather than speculate on what lead to his death.  As she clearly indicates, after Prince’s untimely death last April, there have been a large number of inbound requests for Andre’ Cymone to comment and, for the most part, those requests have been refused out of respect for Prince and his friendship with Cymone.   This one was granted because it was believed that the “How It Happened” approach would be more in line with other documentaries instead of trying to delve into many of the conspiracy theories that have become prevalent since last Spring.   According to Mrs. Anderson, “if CNN had come to us and said, ‘We want to interview Andre’ for a show we are doing called ‘Prince: The End,’ the answer would have been an easy one. No.'”

Although we will definitely be watching since we are huge fans of Prince and Andre’ Cymone, we, like Mrs. Anderson, are praying that HLN and the “powers” that be honor his legacy with dignity rather than parade this tragedy around like other sensational media campaigns.   That would certainly add to the heartbreak that his millions of fans have felt since his passing.  We can only hope that this topic is handled with needed reverence and care.   Prince deserves nothing less. Check your local listings for the show.

Check out the trailer below:

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