Learn Why Kashif Once Ruled Soul Music on ‘Unsung’ [FULL EPISODE] @tvonetv


We find it very fitting that Kashif is a popular male name in the Muslim world, which means “pioneer” among other things. Before super producers like Teddy Riley, Puffy and Pharrell, there was Kashif.  Working with some of the most talented artists of all time including Whitney HoustonEvelyn “Champagne” King, George Benson and countless others, this brother really carved out an unmistakable sound during the early ’80s “boogie” period.


At the time, soul music was in a state of flux and still hung over from the disco and funk of the late ’70s and finding its way before the mid ’80s reign of Michael Jackson‘s Thriller and Prince‘s Purple Rain. During that time, Kashif produced a serious string of hits and dominated radio. We are super excited to learn more about this amazing producer and artist from this latest installment of the always edutaining Unsung.


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