Give Due Credit to Quentin Miller [AUDIO STREAMS] @Quentin__Miller


If you’re a hip-hop fan, you’re aware of the media whirlwind that ensued after Meek Mill called out Drake for allegedly not authoring his own rhymes. And before we move our short attention spans to the next pop-culture craze, let us take a moment to focus on an overlooked point: Drake’s alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller deserves some props.

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill has been very entertaining. And Drake’s pair of diss tracks “Charged Up” and “Back to Back” were good enough to divert fans’ attention from the initial accusations. Drake’s fan army, athletes and even businesses took to Twitter to unleash a barrage of memes and jokes toward instigator Meek Mill. The onslaught continued at the recent OVO fest in Toronto, where Drake seemed to be making sure his reputation would not be challenged again.

However, it’s tough to ignore the evidence supporting Meek’s claims. More specifically, the evidence in the form of reference tracks that have surfaced for some of Drake’s recent hits like “Know Yourself,” “RICO,” “10 Bands,” and “Used To.” Please have a listen for yourself, but it arguably appears that the most essential flows and, in some cases, the hottest bars were pre-written for Drizzy Drake by Sir Quentin Miller. Therefore, it would appear that he deserves at least some recognition for laying the foundation for a handful of 2015’s illest rap songs.

Check out these dope Quentin Miller reference tracks below:

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