Discover Lion Babe’s Fantastic EP [FULL STREAM + REVIEW] @lionbabe @jillonce @Astro_Raw

Our collective neck hurts from listening to this extremely pleasing aural journey.  Lion Babe is all that and a bag of UTZ Crab Chips. Look, the sista (Jillian Hervey) is FOINE, she can sang and she has mad flavor.  Plus, the grooves are in the pocket.  This New York duo who had us pressing rewind (virtually of course) with “Treat Me Like Fire” a while back is on the scene with a very solid EP.   Although very creative and original in their own right, fans of Erykah Badu and J*Davey will definitely dig this.  Honestly, this will officially compete for our best of and we are not even half way done with with this trip around the sun.  SUPER JOB!!!

Rating:  A+


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