Willie Hutch Gets a Modern Update from Producer faruhdey

Willie Hutch Gets a Morden Update from Producer faruhdey Gets a Modern Update from Producer faruhdey

The great producer of soul music gets a lot of love with this new album Willie from beatmaker, faruhdey. Distilling the essence of what made Hutch a brilliant producer, faruhdey uses Hutch’s music as a base for something that is decidedly fresh and decisively modern.

faruhdey- a Hampton, VA native and engineer-in-training at Stanford University– wanted to pay homage to Hutch’s legacy with this album. Recording the album in five different locations – Hampton, Stanford, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Madrid– this album is as eclectic and diverse as the various cities that fostered it’s creativity. In Willie, you hear the familiar sounds of Hutch songs like “California My Way” and “Sunshine Lady”. But the energy faruhdey provides to it makes your head bob and knock as hard as though your favorite rapper is about to hop on the track.

Dedicated to Caitlin Kremp, faruhdey has made the full album available to download from Bandcamp. Follow the link below!

Willie Hutch Gets a Modern Update from Producer faruhdey
[bandcamp width=350 height=786 album=212851583 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708]

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