Diggs Duke is “The Pinnacle (Of Class And Taste)” [FULL STREAM] @DiggsDuke @brownswood

Diggs Duke is The Pinnacle of Class and Taste

Diggs Duke is “The Pinnacle (Of Class and Taste)”.

Or so the title of his new song claims! And if the music of the young soul brother is to be his evidence to that claim, then we have to agree with him. Experimental but fresh, and rooted in the sounds of old school R&B, Diggs Duke has released as third single from his upcoming project The Upper Hand and Other Grand Illusions, which will be released by soulhead.com favorites, Brownswood Recordings. On first listen, Diggs has a neo-soul, almost D’Angelo sound. But you can hear the layers of 21st century production to his song, with the almost haunting beeps and boops in the chorus. And then suddenly, piano keys sneak up on you. The well produced track was made by Diggs. We hope to hear more from his as a singer and producer! Stream the full song below!

Diggs Duke is “The Pinnacle (Of Class and Taste)”

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