EL – Something Else [FREE ALBUM STREAM] @ELrepGH

EL - Something Else

Artist: EL
Title: Something Else
Hood: Dansoman, Accra, Ghana
Genre(s): Hip-hop
Social: Facebook

EL is a Ghanian cat who is on fire! His brand of music combines hip-hop, Afro-house, and soulful music. You can stream the album here. 

EL – Something Else

  1. B.A.B
  2. Obuu Mo
  3. Lifesaver
  4. Kaalu
  5. Mame Wossop
  6. Egbee Mli
  7. One Ghana (For Your Pocket)
  8. Joli Your Body
  9. Auntie Martha
  10. Hold Your Botos
  11. Gimme Sugar
  12. ELrepGH
  13. Ame Na Mi
  14. Fear Nobody
  15. F*ckin Hate You
  16. For My Side
  17. Turn the Lights Down
  18. I’m So Fly
  19. Blood Rushing Through My Veins
  20. Les-Bi-Annest
  21. Takorodi
  22. Bless Me
  23. Wonder

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