Poetic Justice FULL MOVIE featuring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur [1993] [VIDEO]

Poetic Justice Movie

Although not necessarily the hood masterpiece of its contemporaries (e.g. Boyz in the Hood), Poetic Justice was a sometimes fun acting experiment featuring Janet Jackson and rapper Tupac Shakur.   Despite that fact, the film features a solid soundtrack and one that you will definitely enjoy.

More from Wikipedia:

Poetic Justice is a 1993 drama/romance film starring Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Regina King and Joe Torry. It was written and directed by John Singleton.

The main character, Justice, writes beautiful poems which she recites throughout the movie. The poems are in fact by Maya Angelou. Angelou also appears in the movie as one of the three elderly sisters, May, June and April (called the “Calendar Sisters”) whom the characters meet at a roadside family reunion. The Last Poets make an appearance toward the end of the film.

Poetic Justice reached #1 in the box office its opening weekend, grossing $11,728,455. It eventually grossed a total of $27,515,786.

Jackson received nominations for the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, with the Billboard Hot 100 number one song, “Again”.

The film was later referenced in Kendrick Lamar’s single “Poetic Justice”, which was titled after and based on the film, sampled Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place” and became a Top 10 hit in 2013.

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