Raheem DeVaughn- A Place Called Love Land Album Review by Victoria Shantrell

Raheem DeVaughn- A Placed Called Love Land Album Review by Victoria Shantrell Asbury

Title: A Place Called Love Land
Artist: Raheem DeVaughn
Label: Mass Appeal Entertainment
Genre(s): Neo-soul, soul, R&B
Released: September 3, 2013
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The one and only Raheem DeVaughn has finally released A Place Called Love Land.  Although the “R&B hippie neo-soul rock star” shows the world that he can still sing, Love Land lacks the passion heard on The Love Experience—DeVaughn’s debut album. A Place Called Love Land sounds like an album that had to be made (perhaps because of contractual obligations), not one that wanted to be made (for the love of it).

Love Land starts off with an intro, just as DeVaughn’s previous 3 albums had. However instead of following the intro up with a fresh or powerful opening track—such as “The Love Experience,” “Woman,” and “Bulletproof”—Raheem starts off this lackluster album with “Love Connection”—a cute, radio-ready single. Yes, Raheem brings his A-game vocally; however, this track sounds like it was made for the airwaves. There’s something generic about this track.

Following the radio cut is “Wrong Forever”—a repetitive song that is more fit for a mix-tape than an album. As listeners continue to explore A Place Called Love Land, they’ll discover tracks that might remind them of R&B crooners such as R. Kelly on “In the Meantime,” and Jodeci on the “Greatest Love.”

As a longtime fan of Raheem DeVaughn, it hurts to say that A Place Called Love Land has no standout tracks. Love Land is simply a 16-track album consisting of love and sex songs that possess various sounds that have the effect of taking away from the cohesion of the album. Raheem DeVaughn sounds good but it does not seem like he’s working as hard to keep his critically acclaimed status as he did to gain it.

Rating: B

Tracks We Like: Wrong Forever, Complicated, In the Meantime

Raheem Devaughn- A Place Called Love Land Track 2: Love Connection

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