Rap Lyrics as Street Art in NYC: Artist Jay Shells Drops “Bombs” in the Hood with “Rap Quotes”

We are in love with this new street art project that has descended upon the Big Apple. Street artist, Jay Shells, has created a series of street signs which include rap lyrics. If that wasn’t enough, he has gone around the City and affixed these signs in the areas mentioned in the lyric.


We are now on a scavenger hunt to find all of them. Join us on the hunt and post your photos to our Facebook page.  Since we are in Brooklyn and a lot of the signs reference our ‘hood, we should have a fun time finding them.

We love this dude!

More from AnimalNewYork‘s Aymann Ismail:

After schooling New Yorkers on etiquette via numerous unsanctioned interventions, artist Jay Shells channeled his love of hip hop music and his uncanny sign-making skills towards a brand new project: “Rap Quotes.”

For this ongoing project, Shells created official-looking street signs quoting famous rap lyrics that shout out specific street corners and locations. He then installed them at those specific street corners and locations.

Shells went all city and posted over 30 signs quoting the likes of Jeru tha Damaja, Mos Def, Nas, Kanye West, CL Smooth, GZA, and RA the Rugged Man.

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