Beyonce’ Accused of Lipsynching National Anthem at Obama Inauguration


We watched this live and find it ridiculous that someone would accuse B of such a thing.  However, recent reports suggest the rumors could be true:


Beyonce reportedly lip-synced her way through the national anthem during President Obama’s inauguration ceremony Monday.

What people heard was a pre-recorded studio track of her singing the “Star-Spangled Banner,” The TimesTMZ and CNN confirmed. Before Monday’s event, this photo on Beyonce’s Instagram account showed her in what appears to be a recording studio.

Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor also performed during the inauguration, and TMZ’s source with the U.S. Marine Band says Clarkson sang live.


Judge for yourself and watch the performance below. The mic does seem to be covering her mouth for a lot of the performance, but even if she did lip synch, the reality is that she sung the song SOMEWHERE! Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time a performer lip synched to be sure the performance went off without a hitch. Remember, most of the Soul Train performances were lip synched, much to the dismay of many performers.    In either case, we fully support Beyonce, her voice, her talent, and (most of her) choices.  She is one of the most important artists of our time and we are certain she made the right choice for the situation since the performance, live or in-studio, was flawless and on par with other notable performances of the Star Spangled Banner.  Kudos B!

Here are a couple other incredible performances of the National Anthem:
Whitney Houston at The Super Bowl 1991

Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All Star Game

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