Fathom 9 – Soul​-​Heart Sessions: An Ode to Autumn FULL STREAM

Artist: Fathom 9
Title: Soul-Heart Sessions: An Ode to Autumn FULL STREAM
Hood: Memphis, Tennessee USA
Genre: Hip Hop(Instrumental ), Soul Samples, Jazz
You will like this if you like: Oddisee, The Stuyvesants
Released: October 18, 2012
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This is an extremely soulful, albeit mellow, way to cruise through your morning cup of coffee while also paying homage to hip-hop and the Autumn (our favorite time of year). Powered by an extensive (and deep) collage of classic and rare soul samples and Golden Era boom-bap beats, Memphis producer Fathom 9‘s mostly instrumental hip-hop album will have your neck hurting from all the serious nodding you will be doing. This one will bring out your inner freestyle battle rapper so be careful not to spit a few bars while listening to this.

The only downside to this LP is that instrumental hip hop albums can become monotonous for those not use to them. While this album does not completely solve this problem, the beats are varied enough to keep your attention and also repetitive enough to provide an ideal backdrop to whatever you may be doing at time. We could see listening to this at work, on the way home after a long day, or even during a nice Fall dinner party. This one has it all.

Here is what Fathom had to say about this release:

On Autumn

I am forever in love with Autumn. Some would confuse this with an obsession with dying things, whereas I see it as it TRULY is: transition. There is a nakedness associated with Autumn; the shedding of old skin. It quietly beckons the soul to reflect, evaluate, and ultimately…release. Autumn, to me—is the season of melancholy, colorful greys and brown-blues in an array of hues scattered about the Earth, symbolizing the return to innocence. And return we should… In Autumn, I contemplate my emptiness. I speak to the trees in silence, and they freely offer me counsel, for we share little difference. The Earth welcomes the trod of my feet, the coolness in the air envelop me with necessary truths. The setting sun—a promise that the morrow will soon come, and not to abandon hope… I am forever in love with Autumn, for it is a moment of release; a moment where the clatter of the world lessens in the wake of old Winter, and in reverence-I will listen with wanton openness…and hear exactly what I am supposed to hear. There is a beauty unparalleled in Autumn-and it offers us a moment to take notice, before the specter of old Winter wipes all clean. Autumn teaches…that awakening is at the end of death’s reign; her name is Spring.

“This…is my musical ode to beautiful Autumn. May you each find your special moment in it.”
~Fathom 9

Grade: B+

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