Mazeratay – Never Let You Go EP FULL STREAM + VIDEO

Artist: Mazeratay
Title: Never Let You Go EP
Hood: Brussels, Belgium
Released: November 12 2012
Produced by: On-Point
You will like this if you like:  Prince, DAM Funk, D-Train, S.O.S. Band

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While trolling for something hot to bring you, we came across this AWESOME EP by Belgium modern funk artist Mazeratay. Like many new releases, we were attracted by the album art and group name. Given our partial obsession with all things Prince, we were immediately drawn in by the group’s name which sounds eerily close to Mazerati, an 80’s Prince influenced band, who made a brief chart splash with 100MPH. That said, we didn’t know what to expect.

While there are only two actual “songs” on the EP, both evoke warm feelings of the early 80s Minneapolis sound soaked with deep synth grooves and layered soulful vocals. Both songs are simple and memorable but its that unmistakable funk of the production that keeps your head nodding. There are a couple of remixes and alternate versions that keep this EP entertaining and not as redundant as you would otherwise think with only two songs. This is a remarkable find and we will be on the lookout for more from this group.

Grade: A

Maseratay – Sexxxy (official video) from On-Point TV on Vimeo.

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