Questlove x Beastie Boys Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame DEMO STREAM

This is a killer behind the scenes look at the upcoming Beastie Boys induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It seems the Roots are being asked to perform in tribute to the band, who lost one of their key voices, MCA, earlier this year. From the sound of this demo, the Illadelph crew was having a ball. Big up to J. Period for the look out on this one.

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What I Do For My Lunch Hour.

often in the TV world i’ll be asked to make full blown demos that will never see the light of day. their sole purpose is to be a guide for those behind the scenes (director, producer, cameramen, management and handlers) of course because we are “The Roots” its a casual 3 second quip “we’ll just make me a demo of it….” but often I’m like ”COTDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER WASTED LUNCH HOUR!!!!!!!” (this pretty much happens like 50% of the time to artists that we back up on the show that have “well MY band”-itis.its like we have to pre-audition in order to prove what we knew all along; “we do your song better than you ever will,” lol.

and then sometimes a dream gig comes…in the form of this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

not like i was vying for the position, but now that 1987 honorees are coming into bloom we ALL know that for all of the hip-hop acts about to be inducted, there’s pretty much gonna be a WWTLD (the legendary factor that will be in place for 1988, 1989 and so on inductees (not to mention i want absolutely NO resistance come 2019 when The Roots are eligible for being inducted). Full article.

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