LISTEN to Questlove and Maya Rudolph Talk About Prince and Questlove’s New Pandora Show

Questlove Supreme Radio Show on Pandora

We are really excited about Questlove’s new show on Pandora which will surely be a musical journey.  Given the Tonight Show bandleader’s extensive record collection and access to pretty much anything he wants, we should really be digging in to hear this show, which will be running at 1p EST on Wednesday on Pandora and started September 7.   If we are lucky, this show will be reminiscent of one of our other favorites, Worldwide on BBC by Gilles Peterson, which is one of the best sources (outside of soulhead that is) of new music anywhere.

Pandora describes the show as “a weekly ride through the global musical landscape featuring adventurous music selections, compelling conversations and revealing interviews.”   The list of featured guests on his first show included Saturday Night Live actress Maya Rudolph, producer and engineer Bob Power and Grammy award-winning artist Kimora.

Check out a clip of his conversation about Prince with Maya Rudolph, who has a Prince tribute band called Princess, here.

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