Trey Songz – “Inevitable” EP Review (Track-by-Track) by Ron Worthy

By Ron Worthy

I have to admit that it took a loooong time for me to be like Trey Songz‘s brand of bare chested, testosterone filled Thug-N-B. However, after strong performances on songs like “I Bet The Neighbors Know My Name” and “Love Faces“, I gave this dude another chance.  That said, I came into this new project with an open mind.

From the beginning of this short offering, I am all at once struck by the juxtaposition of Trey’s humility with his confidence and bravado.   However, I am also confused.  Who is Trey Songz?  At times, he shows signs of greatness and comparison’s to R. Kelly or Aaron Hall vocally and lyrically but then it seems that he wants to be a rapper or thug.   Then, at other times, he is simply vocally lazy and needs to put more work in with his vocal coach to smooth out some of the pitch issues that he and many of his peers seem unconcerned with.  Just sing the damn lyric!  Why do so many R&B singers oversing lyrics like they are looking for the proper key and pitch?  Really grinds my gears.

Also, what does the title of this project suggest?  Are we to assume Trey has been working his entire career to release a 5 song EP?  Is this the inevitability he is referring to?  We aren’t sure about that one.  A better title would have been “I Had Some Time Off…So I Made a Few Songs” or simply “Lazy.”  Just saying.

And finally, why not spend some time on a proper album cover?  Trey’s creative team simply chose to repurpose and photoshop his “Just Gotta” cover rather than come up with a new concept.  Sure, he has evolved and rid himself of the younger looking cornrows. Perhaps, we are to assume this physical change will be reflected in his music.  Not sure he accomplishes that in spades but at least he makes an attempt to grow up.

Overall, even with the apparent creative laziness, we did manage to enjoy the EP and think his stable of female fans will eat up at least a couple songs on this project.

“If you can conceive it in your mind, you can achieve it in the physical” – Trey Songz

Track-by-Track Review

01. Top Of The World – B
We like the motivational sentiment in this cut.  Trey waxes poetic about his paper and accomplishments while extending the hope to his community. For some reason, we believe him, but a looking a little sideways at the delivery.  Really Trey?  Personally, I could have done without the ignorant sounding soliloquy at the end.  It just ruined an otherwise heartfelt message in my book.

02. What I Be On (feat. Fabolous) – B-

The beat ain’t bad.  Unfortunately, this is the requisite club banger for the fellas with (sub)standard overused themes: booze, weed, money, women. Yawn.

03. I Do – B
I just like this song.  It’s clever and straight to the point sex driven R&B.  This is that late night soundtrack that you have come to expect from Trey.  Lyrically, it is reminiscent of Drake‘s Marvin’s Room, where Trey is making a plea to a lover that he is more capable than her other option.  Well done for the most part even though it reeks of an R. Kelly knockoff with less thought put into production and arrangement.

04. Outside (Part. 1) – B+
I love the mood of this sex-fueled ballad. The lyrics are clever and sung with purpose without too many of the usual vocal machinations that simply get on my nerves and don’t impress.   However, I could have done without the ubiquitous Drake “Uh” which we hear WAY TOO MUCH on his own projects.  It just didn’t add anything to this song except the thought that Trey couldn’t actually afford a Drake cameo perhaps?  We don’t think that is the case, but the absence of any real contribution seems a bit out of place

05. Sex Ain’t Better Than Love – A-
I love the sentiment of this song as well as the production and performance by Trey.  Nice message to those youngsters out there who haven’t figured this one out yet.  He should be getting a decent amount of Quiet Storm love from this one.

Overall Grade: B

While we enjoyed the EP, we are not sure it will resonate with everyone, which is fine.  Trey’s most loyal fans will find something they like in this short player, while those not as familiar will likely be left a bit confused.  Pick and choose with this one.

Best Songs: Outside, Sex Ain’t Better than Love

Our Recommendation: (MODERATE) BUY 

What are your thoughts on “Inevitable”?


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