New Moe’s Owners Hint at Keeping the Name = Blasphemous!!!!

Moe's Bar

Moe's Bar

According to an article published today in the Brooklyn Paper, prospective new owners “promise to keep the watering hole as-is, saying they might keep Moe’s good name.” The article added “It already has a formula that works,” said Calvin Clark, who inked a lease for the $1,100-per month venue last week. “I want it to stay friendly and unpretentious.”

From very reputable sources, we know the lease was not that low and the mere mention of keeping the name the same would likely spark protests from the community. Bad move, Mr. Clark. Do what you need to do as a businessman, but trying to take the brand equity forged by the owners, staff and regulars at Moe’s would not be advisable. To quote a popular news segment uncovering fraud in the community, “SHAME SHAME SHAME”!

Read the full story here.

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