#ThatTimeWhen Eric B. Called Out Marley Marl on The Combat Jack Show [FULL STREAM]


This has to be one of the most rare and thorough discussions we have ever had the privilege to hear.  From speaking about the origins of one of the most successful hip hop duos (arguably the best) of ALL TIME, Eric B. and Rakim, to his current political work, Louis Eric Barrier also known as Eric B., breaks it all the way down.  Yes, THAT Eric B. goes into great depth in this 2 hour discussion about the history of hip hop, the ins and outs and sheds light on some previously held misconceptions.  

In particular, he calls out legendary producer and DJ, Marley Marl, about his involvement in the production of tracks on the classic album, Paid In Full.  Over the past few years, the internet has seen Marley discuss how certain songs were created and implied that he actually produced the tracks instead of serving as the engineer, as Barrier claims.  In addition to other breakthrough tidbits, Eric B. discusses his current relationship with one-time partner, Rakim, and even confirms the rumor that DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s classic, Summertime, was indeed penned by Rakim.  Honestly, there is so much history in this episode, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t put on your earphones this morning at work or home and give this a well deserved listen.



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