Anderson .Paak and Gilles Peterson Chop It Up Before The Worldwide Awards

We can’t imagine a better way to spend a music filled Sunday that with the music of rising star, Anderson .Paak, and the tastemaker’s tastemaker, Gilles Peterson.  Over the course of this near 2 hour discussion, the two go into great detail about his upbringing, his work with Sa-Ra Creative Partners‘ Shafiq Husayn, and many other deep dive stories.  He goes into great detail about the diverse L.A. music scene, his role in its development and also touches on a number of personal aspects that many have never learned before like his bout with selling weed and his marriages….yes marriages.  This is an amazing conversation sprinkled with some of the best of his music then and now.  For any fan of this brother, this is a must listen. For anyone who is looking for a new artist to become obsessed with, this is the ideal primer lead by one of the best to have ever done it, Gilles Peterson.

More from Gilles Peterson‘s Soundcloud:

Ahead of tonight’s London show, here’s the premiere of Gilles Peterson’s in-depth conversation with Anderson Paak. Whilst in London for his debut UK performance last month at the Worldwide Awards, Anderson Paak goes in deep with Gilles, as the California drummer and MC discusses his upbringing, his early career as Lovejoy and recently me working with the legendary producer, Dr Dre.

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