WATCH Sugar Hill Gang’s Unsung Preview on TVOne [VIDEO]

The Sugar Hill Gang Unsung
We are super excited that the new season of TVOne’s amazing music documentary series will be returning tomorrow night with the story behind the Sugar Hill Gang. Although there were rap or rap-like songs (e.g. Fatback Band’s King Time III) prior to their smash hit “Rapper’s Delight,” none blew up quite the way this track did. Anchored by a very popular replayed bassline (not sampled) eerily similar to Chic’s “Good Times”, “Rapper’s Delight” shocked the World and literally had young children scrambling to memorize the words and their parents shuffling to the newest groove at night at the disco. MC’s  Michael “Wonder Mike” WrightHenry “Big Bank Hank” Jackson, and Guy “Master Gee” O’Brien had the sound that would ultimately pave the way for future generations to emulate and expand upon.  We are really looking forward to hearing more about this groundbreaking group, their legacy and what’s next for them. Check out the preview below!

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