[REPOST] Are Black Movie Soundtracks a Lost Art? @SaintHeron

Are Black Movie Soundtracks a Lost Art?

Are Black Movie Soundtracks a Lost Art?

The way this article states it, it’s less of a question and more just a simple fact of life. This article from the site Saint Heron, makes the case that because of modern album declines and the harshness of the film industry, there really is no longer a respect for the well cultivated soundtrack. That considered, this article does take us into a mightily nostalgic mood recalling some of the greatest soundtracks. Referencing films such as Love JonesSet It Off, and an all-time soulhead.com favorite Purple Rain, the author- Alex Hardy– puts us in a reflexive state.

The counter argument to be made of course are two outstanding films of last year Dear White People and Beyond the Lights, and of course this year’s Selma which included the Golden Globe winning “Glory”. The creative teams behind all three of those films mentioned how they wanted the sounds of the movie to be as important as the images. But are these films just the exceptions that prove the rule?

Read the full article below, and as always, don’t forget to sound off!

Are Black Movie Soundtracks a Lost Art?

 Black Movie Soundtracks Are a Lost Art

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