Donnie & The American Mythology – Protester [FULL STREAM]

It has been quite a while since soul singer Donnie graced the community with his presence. More than a decade ago (wow, how time flies), he burst on the scene with the critically acclaimed Colored Section album lead by his anthemic “Cloud 9”.  At that point, there was a solid amount of competition in the “neo-soul” category with Maxwell, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu among others leading the way. Many felt Donnie was next in line but then he seemed to fade away. Well, now he is back with a new project. Peep this new song that comes right on time and features production by the amazing Bugz in the Attic (West London/ATL) crew member Daz I Cue.

More from Bandcamp:
From an early age, Atlanta-based artist, Donnie showcased an indisputable talent of lyrical song! As he grew older, the influences of gospel, soul and jazz were evident in his soul-stirring skills of choir direction at the Hebrew Pentecostal Church, “The House Of God”.

Donnie’s debut album, “The Colored Section”- released in 2002 by Giant Step Records and then picked up by Motown Records- fast became a modern-day soul classic! Donnie’s ability to lyrically weave political commentary within an African American historical viewpoint soon placed him alongside such greats as, Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway.

Donnie’s follow-up project to “The Colored Section”, “The Daily News”, has proven to be his most ambitious musical venture to date! Because of Donnie’s unwavering commitment to remain relevant to the current moment and pay homage to the history of civil rights in America, he knew that NOW was the time for the release of “PROTESTER”- a soulful call to action! In his own words,

“PROTESTER is a tribute, in song, to all the mighty warriors who have fought for the rights of others and against injustice from generation to generation. PROTESTER is the theme song of the peoples’ struggle. It is the ceremonial song the people sing as they demonstrate, march and carry their picket signs. The lyrics- “What makes you think that you can treat people like you do?”- asks a vital question to the authorities that need an answer! PROTESTER will continue to ring from the lips of these mighty warriors, as a mantra of truth and a song of freedom!”

“PROTESTER” is a part of Donnie’s latest musical undertaking, “THE AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY”. In this project, Donnie attempts to take an alternative view of history through a lyrical-telling of American myths and tall tales. Donnie wants to broaden his role as a singer/songwriter to include visionary contributions to the modern-day movement for civil rights.

Donnie is very excited to release the “PROTESTER” (Daz-I-Kue Remix)! Knowing that on the dance floor is where ancestral spirits and human freedom fighters become one, in partnership with London-bred, Atlanta-based producer, Daz-I-Kue, Donnie’s soulful “PROTESTER” is given a house music/groove flow fit for the dance floor without the risk of losing its political commentary and contribution.

Keep an eye out, folks! Donnie has returned!

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In case you aren’t familiar with Donna, check out his classic “Cloud 9” from Giant Step.

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