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Anyone who follow this site knows we have a soft spot for all things Prince.  As such, we wanted to put together our very first Prince Holiday Shopping Guide.  Whether you are looking for a late Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or even a New Year’s gift for your Purple loving friends, this guide should help. We reached out to our favorite Prince fans to source.  Check out what we came up with:

1.  Another Lonely Christmas Vinyl Maxi Single (B-Side to I Would Die For You)

Description:  Amazing b-side to I Would Die 4 U from Purple Rain, this single is a perennial favorite for Prince fans who may be feeling a little down.

BUY2. Ultimate Prince CD (Submitted by: Dave Paul, Founder, The Prince and Michael Experience, San Francisco, California)

BUY3.  “LPP (AFTER PARK, AFTER KEANE)” Framed Giclee on Canvas (Submitted by Troy Gua, Artist, Seattle, Washington)

Description:   Recently I met up with a new friend and we chatted it up about artists he loves and collects, and the name Neon Park came up. My friend was telling me about this rejected record cover that Park did in the style of a Keane painting. When I got home, on Facebook, another art friend posted an image of that *exact* painting on my wall. That blew my mind. I was compelled by the universe to paint this image.

This is a piece of art that represents another piece of art, the long lost LPP.

– Giclee fine art print on canvas
– Comes framed and ready to hang
– Limited to an edition of 20


3. Let’s Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain by Alan Light
Description: From the former senior editor of Rolling Stone and author of The Holy or the Broken, called “thoughtful and illuminating” by The New York Times, a new book on the unlikely coming-to-be of Prince’s now legendary album.

Purple Rain is a song, an album, and a film—each one a commercial success and cultural milestone. How did this semi-autobiographical musical masterpiece that blurred R&B, pop, dance, and rock sounds come to alter the recording landscape and become an enduring touchstone for successive generations of fans?

Purple Rain is widely considered to be among the most important albums in music history and often named the best soundtrack of all time. It sold over a million copies in its first week and blasted to #1 on the charts, where it would remain for a full six months and eventually sell over 20 million copies worldwide. It spun off three huge hit singles, won Grammys and an Oscar, and took Prince from pop star to legend.

Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary year of Purple Rain’s release, acclaimed music journalist Alan Light takes a timely look at the making and incredible popularizing of this once seemingly impossible project. With impeccable research and in-depth interviews with people who witnessed Prince’s audacious vision becoming a reality, Light reveals how a rising but not yet established artist from the Midwest was able not only to get Purple Rain made, but deliver on his promise to conquer the world.

BUY4. “Starfish and Coffee” Limited Edition Giclee Print (Submitted by Troy Gua, Artist, Seattle, Washington)

Description:  From the original acrylic on canvas painting, this is a Giclee Fine Art Print on Somerset Velvet watercolor paper of Troy’s surrealist interpretation of the Prince song “Starfish and Coffee” from the iconic album “Sign o’ the Times”.

-16×20″ image on an 18×22″ sheet
-Giclee Fine Art Print on Somerset Velvet watercolor paper
-edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist


5. Prince Purple Rain Costume 

Description: Who can resist this incredible recreation of Prince’s Purple Rain garb!  Enjoy this for next Halloween or just hang out at your local bar one Friday night.  Either way, you will be the life of the party.


6. Prince Purple Rain Platinum Record Album Disc Music Award Grammy RIAA

Description:  For only the most discerning Prince fan, this platinum album award will have them beaming.


7. I Would Die 4 U: How Prince Became an Icon by Toure’

Description:  Celebrated journalist, TV personality, and award-winning author Touré investigates one of the most enigmatic and fascinating figures in contemporary American culture:  PRINCE.

Drawing on new research and enlivened by Touré’s unique pop-cultural fluency, I Would Die 4 U relies on surprising and in-depth interviews with Prince’s band members, former girlfriends, musicologists, and even Bible scholars to deconstruct the artist’s life and work.

Prince’s baby boomer status allowed him to play a wise older brother to the latchkey kids of generation X. Defying traditional categories of race, gender, and sexuality, he nonetheless presents a very traditional conception of religion and God in his music. He was an MTV megastar and a religious evangelist, using images of sex and profanity to invite us into a musical conversation about the healing power of God. By demystifying the man and his music, I Would Die 4 U shows us how Prince defined a generation.

BUY8. Prince – THe Hits Video Collection DVD

Description:  All the hit videos in one place. Oh My!


9. Prince Rogers Nelson Women’s Crop Top T Shirt 

Description:  You know who she is and that she will love this.


10. Prince – A Documentary by Per Nilsen

Description:  Amazing details about the artist up until the Diamonds and Pearls album.

BUY11. Prince  Stainless Steel Analogue Watch 

Description:  For only the most serious Prince fan.



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