J. Cole’s New Mini Doc Announces Album, Touches Home [FULL VIDEO]

J. Cole's New Mini Doc Announces Album, Touches Home‘s New Mini Doc Announces Album, Touches Home

Jermaine Cole, better known as the Friday Night Lights rapper J. Cole, has been rocking our minds and spirits since 2009. At the time, he was one of the most buzzed about newcomers in the rap industry for his witty foreplay and his amazing background story from the streets of Fayetteville to the heart of New York for college. Two major album releases later, J. Cole is easily identifiable as of the strongest voices in the modern hip-hop renaissance, certainly being the greatest descendant of East Coast rap geniuses (like his longtime idol Nas and the conglomerate Wu-Tang)

This stirring new mini-doc takes us on a stroll through Cole’s hometown, giving us a slice of life for him that helped to make him who he is today. It is also said that this is the lead up to his new album, of the same same name, 2014 Forest Hill Drive. After Cole’s release this summer of his song “Free” following the death of Michael Brown and the related events in Ferguson, MO, we already saw Cole stepping up to the plate of being a rapper on the vanguard. If Forest Hill Drive channels even just a bit of that energy and conviction, then this will be an album worthy of buzz for years to come.

Watch the video below!

J. Cole’s New Mini Doc Announces Album, Touches Home

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