Lupe Fiasco Delivers Haunting Truth [NEW SONG STREAM] @LupeFiasco

Lupe Fiasco Delivers Haunting Truth Delivers Haunting Truth

A name once synonymous with conscientious hip-hop, Lupe Fiasco has been something of a music recluse as of late. Making occasional appearances with artists like Ab-Soul, for the most part Fiasco has seemed to retreat from the scene. His early music, particularly the classic Food and Liquor, established him as this artist who could rap brilliantly about social issues over a dope beat. More recently, his lyricism has become a lot heavier handed, with the argument being that he sounds more pedantic than cool. The new song “Delivery” could give off that preachy-feel, but it’s been so long since we had a quintessential Lu track, that this just feels and sounds right. Check out the full song below!

Lupe Fiasco Delivers Haunting Truth

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