[REPOST] The Roots of Questlove’s Success- CBS Sunday News @theroots @questlove

The Roots of Questlove's Success

The Roots of Questlove‘s Success- CBS Sunday News

Questlove’s infectious charm is undeniable. The drummer and co-founder of the successful Philly based group The Roots (who also happen to be the best late night TV band of all time) is often seen as an intellectual and cultural center piece of the hip-hop genre. Born as Ahmir Thompson, this man’s pursuit for excellence is unrelenting. CBS Sunday News held a Take Note feature with him.

As drummer for the influential hip hop group, The Roots, Questlove has always heard music differently.

He could, he told Mason, always sort of hear the beats between the beat.

Even when he was a child, his parents saw it: “They would notice that I wouldn’t sing the melody or what’s up front. I would sing something that was buried way, way in the back.”

“Why did you notice that?”

“That’s a question I’m still trying to wrestle with. Because my manager says, ‘You can’t write a straight pop song!'”

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The Roots of Questlove’s Success- CBS Sunday News

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