BBC Presents ‘Reggae Britannia’ [FULL FILM]

BBC Presents Reggae BritanniaBBC Presents “Reggae Britannia.”

These past few weeks we’ve been proud to present to you reggae music from festivals and cultures around the world. In Japan, there was Ichiban Japenese. And last week, we presented the performance of Beres Hammond from the Rotom Sunsplash festival. This week, we want to explore British reggae. In a country with a large Jamaican presence, it makes sense that the genre would chart across the Atlantic and embed itself into the British culture. Courtesy of the BBC Britannia series, this full feature film explores the history of the genre in the UK. Below is the description.

The acclaimed BBC4 Britannia series moves into the world of British reggae. Showing how it
came from Jamaica in the 1960s to influence, over the next 20 years, both British music and
society, the programme includes major artists and performances from that era.

Watch the full film below!

BBC Presents Reggae Britannia

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