Happy Birthday, Lena Horne! 06/30/1917 – 05/09/2010 [RARE VIDEO]

Lena Horne Fabulous

If she were still alive, today would be the 97th birthday of the incomparable, Ms. Lena Horne. With the stature of royalty and the voice to match, Lena Horne was one of the first Black actresses and singers to take Hollywood by storm. Encountering prejudice and sexism at many points in her career, never once did she shy away from the power of her roots. Today, we are grateful for her and the legacy of inspiration she has left for many artists to follow in her footsteps. In the following video she details a very brief history of the change she was able to create and reminds us all to “believe in ourselves!”

Happy Birthday, Lena Horne! 06/30/1917 – 05/09/2010

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