@XXL 2014 Freshmen Go Off on Freestyles A Capella! [DOWNLOAD]

XXL Freshmen 2014

The lineup of XXL Magazine 2014 Freshmen is one of the most exciting new crop of hip hop artists in a long time. Featuring a few soulhead favorites like Isaiah Rashad, Chance the Rapper, August Alsina, and Jon Connor, this is a talented crew of MCs. Chosen from a wide swath of regional styles, and musical influences, these new comers have been pumping new life blood in to the music industry for the past year and are poised to continue to shape the scope of hip hop. Listen to a compilation of their freestyles, totally a capella. This is a special twist because without the music, we are forced to hear the lyricism and verbal acrobats on display!

@XXL 2014 Freshmen Go Off on Freestyles A Capella!

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