Soulection Honors Sade’s Legacy in Style with “Love Is King” Compilation of Reimagined Songs @Soulection @SadeOfficial


Call it laudable ambition or foolish hubris, but the L.A.-based Soulection music collective has curated a brand new compilation of reimagined, remixed, and reinterpreted tracks from Sade’s prolific catalog. Admittedly, before the soulhead team gave it a proper listen, we were a bit skeptical. Naturally. It takes a hefty dose of bravado to touch the damn-near flawless songcraft of the iconic Ms. Adu.

But upon streaming the 12-song Love Is King compilation featuring reverential contributions by Soulection’s talented artist roster, we’re unequivocally sold. The inventive mix is indeed ambitiously sublime, with no foolishness to be detected at all. Consistent with their muse’s own versatility, the inspired compositions included here flow seamlessly from more uptempo, danceable fare to chilled-out, contemplative sounds, coalescing for one invigorating headrush of a listening experience. Our favorite offerings include Zikomo’s “Fly Love” (which flips “I Couldn’t Love You More” from 1992’s Love Deluxe), esta’s “Only One” (rework of “Sally” from 1984’s Diamond Life), and starRo’s “Sweet Lies of Sweet Love” (remix of “Like a Tattoo” from Love Deluxe).

Our profound thanks to the Soulection crew for keeping all of us pacified for the time being with this savory ear candy, while we impatiently await Sade’s follow-up to 2010’s Soldier of Love LP. “Love Is King” can be streamed in all of its sonic splendor via Soulection’s Soundcloud page or below. All twelve tunes can also be downloaded as mp3 files for free via Soulection’s website here.

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