The Manhattans Unsung – TVOne Documentary [FULL EPISODE] @tvonetv

The Manhattans Unsung - TVOne Documentary [FULL EPISODE] @tvonetv

This was an amazing episode of Unsung and we truly learned a lot about NJ doo-wop group, The Manhattans, who rose to fame on the back of smooth harmonies and superior songs.   Although unsung, these brothers did earn a Grammy for their amazing hit “Shining Star” and their songs will be a part of our aural fabric forever.  enjoy.

More about Too Short from AllMusic:

The Manhattans were one of those classic R&B vocal groups who manage to achieve incredible career longevity by adapting their style to fit changing times. Formed in the ’60s as a doo wop-influenced R&B quintet, The Manhattans reinvented themselves as sweet smooth soul balladeers during the ’70s. In doing so, they somehow overcame the death of lead singer George Smith, and with new frontman Gerald Alston became more popular than they’d ever been, landing an across-the-board number one hit in 1976 with “Kiss and Say Goodbye.” Under the leadership of Winfred “Blue” Lovett (who also composed some of the group’s biggest hits), The Manhattans survived as a viable chart act well into the ’80s, over two decades after their formation.

The Manhattans got together not in their namesake location, but in nearby Jersey City, NJ, in 1962. The group was centered around lead singer George “Smitty” Smith and bass (and sometime lead) vocalist Winfred “Blue” Lovett; the other original members were Kenny KelleyRichard Taylor, and Edward “Sonny” Bivins, the latter of whom sometimes co-wrote material with accomplished songwriter Lovett. In 1964, The Manhattans signed with the Newark-based Carnival label and teamed up with producer Joe Evans; they scored their first hit in early 1965 with “I Wanna Be (Your Everything),” a number 12 R&B hit that established their way with a ballad right from the beginning. It was the first of eight singles for Carnival, a string that continued up through 1967. None were huge hits, but nearly all of them reached the Top 30 on the R&B charts, and are still prized by collectors of vocal-group soul for their aching harmonies, Smith‘s intense leads, and lack of concession to mainstream pop audiences.



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