Margot B – Live at The Hazlett Album Review by Victoria Shantrell @MsVictoriaShantrell @MargotBrsvp

Margot B- Live at Hazelett Theater Album Review by Victoria Shantrell AsburyArtist: Margot B.
Title: Live at the Hazelett
Label: Margot B. Media
Genre: R&B, Soul
Released: January 10, 2011
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Margot B, better known as the sexy, sultry performer, temptress and love interest of Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire, has been showing off her singing chops long before entering our homes via the HBO original series. The former beauty queen released Live at The Hazlett in 2011—a sample of Margot B’s vocal range and style.

Live at The Hazlett opens with “Cool,” a smooth track with a 90’s soul vibe. Margot B’s voice is heavy and velvety but often lacks on this track. This track is evidence that Margot B can sing but she didn’t really sang—luckily, Margot makes up for this on other tracks.

Margot B comes a lot harder, vocally, on “Aftermath.” Once again, the 25-year-old songstress makes it clear to listeners that she is a product of the 90s and 00s with a classic sample, nod at Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady,” and a sound reminiscent of Blu Cantrell. Although there’s a lot of power in Margot’s voice on “Aftermath,” it doesn’t sound force—she seems like she is in her element. The same can be said about “Weight of the World” and “Symptoms of Love.”

“Breakeven” and “Complete” are examples of Margot B’s versatility. These two tracks are easy-listening, pop-like crossovers. Although “Breakeven” and “Complete” are not the best tracks on the EP, they are more poised for mainstream acceptance while the other tracks cater specifically to an urban-soul market and audience.

Live at The Hazlett is nearing three years old. The young singer has proven that she has a gift. Now, especially with her newfound fame, she must prove that she’s working hard to hone that gift into an unquestionable talent.

Rating: B

Best Tracks: Aftermath, Weight of the World, Symptoms of Love

Live at the Hazelett Track 1: Complete

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