Prince Protege’ Andy Allo Spotted in New Wells Fargo Campaign

We had to take a double take at this latest commercial from Wells Fargo which features none other than Prince protege, Andy Allo. As you will see, Wells Fargo helps Sydney (Allo), a struggling artist, take her dream to the next level. It’s a very solid spot, but given the fact that Andy has traveled around the World with Prince, we know she shouldn’t be struggling in real life. That said, given his recent focus on a string of singles, his new band 3rdEyeGirl, and the resurgent New Power Generation (including Shelby J and Liv Warfield), he clearly has his plate full. In either case, we are super happy for Andy. Enjoy.

By the way, this isn’t the first commercial featuring Andy Allo.  Several years back, soulhead founder, Ron Worthy, helped cast Andy in this online dating ad:

Andy at 0:10


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