Andy Allo – The Calm (Co-Written with Prince) Single [FULL STREAM]

Andy Allo - The CalmArist: Andy Allo
Title: The Calm
Genre: Prince, Soul, R&B, Pop
Released: September 26. 2013
Social: Facebook Twitter

We are too excited to share this amazing duet between our favorite, Prince, and one of his most talented proteges, Andy Allo. We have been wondering when we would hear from Andy again, especially after she and the Purple Yoda seemed to be hanging pretty tight for a little while.  That notwithstanding, you can’t deny the beauty and splendor of this wonderful ballad which showcases Andy’s voice and the collective songwriting talents of she and Prince.  We really enjoyed this one.

Shout out to MJM PREMIER for the word on this one.  Apparently, Prince got in on the action and tweeted it from the 3rdEyeGirl Twitter account:




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