Brian McKnight-More Than Words Album Review by Victoria Shantrell Asbury

Brian McKnight More Than Words Album CoverArtist: Brian McKnight
Title: More Than Words
Genre(s): R&B, Soul
Released: March 19, 2013

Grammy-nominated R&B crooner, Brian McKnight dropped a new studio album last month. Although many might consider McKnight to be among some contemporary R&B legends, More Than Words falls short of being a stellar album. Brian McKnight’s vocals are subpar on More Than Words. McKnight whines throughout the album and his voice lacks power; this makes the album difficult to listen to for prolonged periods of time.

The production is better quality than the singing on More Than Words. McKnight draws on the sounds of 1980s R&B greats. The influence of The Gap Band and Earth, Wind, Fire are heard on “Don’t Stop,” and “Letsomebodyluvu,” and “Ididntmeantoturnuout,” makes you think of Stevie Wonder. Although many of the songs have sounds reminiscent of yesteryears, lyrics referring to Facebook and Instagram reminds any listener that this album was definitely crafted in 2013.

Perhaps the most tolerable song on More Than Words is the last track “The Front The Back The Side,” featuring Niko McKnight—Brian’s son. “The Front” combined great production with catchy lyrics and smooth sultry vocals. If McKnight would have stuck to the formula used to create the last track throughout the entire album, McKnight might have seen an expanded fan base.

Rating: B-

Tracks We Like: She Doesn’t Know, The Front The Back The Side

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Track 3: 4th of July

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