Alice Russell- To Dust Album Review by Victoria Shantrell Asbury

Alice Russell- To Dust


Title: To Dust
Artist: Alice Russell
Label: Differ-ant. & Tru Thoughts
Genre(s): Soul, R&B, Dance
Released: February 25, 2013

When you think of British soul singers, Amy Winehouse or Adele may be a couple of the first names that come to mind. However, heavy hitter Alice Russell is definitely showing that she is equally talented in her latest album, To Dust.

Alice Russell effectively combines elements of contemporary-soul, R&B, and dance throughout To Dust. “For A While” is a great example of Russell fusing contemporary-soul and R&B; Russell uses her sultry, yet melodic voice to bring out both soul and R&B sounds over a bouncy, electronic infused beat. “Hard and Strong” is one of Alice’s dance tracks. You can’t listen to “Hard and Strong” without moving; this track was made for disco lights and raised hands. “I Loved You” is a mix of the 3 primary elements, plus a gospel element brought about by the choir in the background.

One of the most unique songs on the album is “Twin Peaks.” “Twin Peaks” is slow and haunting with a 1960s and Rapheal Saadiq type of a sound. One of the best tracks on the 14-song album is the bonus track “Different.” Although this track is heavily synthesized, it may be the most versatile and accessible by fans of various musical genres, including pop. “Different” is fast paced, but smooth; there’s a certain level of emotionality in this song that makes the listener feel good as they listen to it. This is a track that one could listen to on repeat.

In sum, To Dust is a good album. Without a doubt, Mr. Russell will be nominated for a few BRIT Awards in 2014. Alice Russell should consider collaborating with American contemporaries such as Melanie Fiona and Rapheal Saadiq if she’s interested in becoming more of a common name.

Rating: A

Tracks we like: For a While, Twin Peaks, Heartbreaker, Different

Track 4: Heartbreaker

Track 9: Twin Peaks

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