Prince Sends Suggestive Unreleased Song, 17/Penetration, to NBC’s Tamron Hall!

Tamron Hall

This morning, during the 9am EST hour of the Today Show, popular (and beautiful) NBC Newswoman Tamron Hall revealed that Prince emailed her and offered up one of his songs, 17, as the new theme for her afternoon news program, News Nation.  According to Hall, she will be able to use the song for the next 6 months. She claims Prince is a huge fan of the news and she seemed generally honored to use the song on her show.

Prince nerds like us will immediately recognize the jazzy number from Prince’s 80’s Madhouse project.  Although the group officially released two numbered albums, 8 and 16.  “17” also known as Penetration (hilarious) appeared as the first song on Madhouse‘s unreleased 24 album.

More about the song from the Prince vault:

17 (Penetration) (a.k.a. Penetration) is an unreleased instrumental track recorded on 5 December, 1988 at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (during the same session as 18 (R U Legal Yet?), three days before 19 (Jailbait)), during sessions for Madhouse’s third album 24. The track was included as the opening track on the album 24 (the number in the track title sequentially follows Sixteen, the final track on Madhouse’s second album 16), before the album was abandoned.

On 21 January, 1991, Prince submitted the track (now re-titled Penetration) to Miles Davis, along with Jailbait and A Girl And Her Puppy, for his consideration. Prince wanted Davis to record additional trumpet parts before sending them back. Davis instead taught the three tracks to his band, and they recorded new versions of the tracks on 27 March, 1991 in a German studio. The band also played them regularly on Davis’ 1991 tour. After Davis died in 1991, Warner Bros. asked Prince to add some post-production to this track (as well as Can I Play With U?, Jailbait and A Girl And Her Puppy) to include on his first posthumous album, Doo-Bop, but Prince was not interested in contributing to tracks that he felt didn’t show Davis at his best. A live version of the track, recorded on 10 July, 1991 at La Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, France, was planned for release as the 71st track on a 2001 box-set of Miles Davis’ Warner Bros. work, entitled The Last Word, but the track was not included on the eventual 2-disc 2010 release, titled Perfect Way. As the original Madhouse version remains unreleased, the Miles Davis versions are included here instead of being considered straight cover versions.

Could it be that Prince is making a move on the Texas born beauty, who has made quite a name for herself during her tenure at NBC? Or could this just be an innocent gesture?

As stated above, Miles Davis’ band performed a live version of the song in France.  Listen and download it for your own collection:

To download, copy this code: 4IrShiyILrA, click here, paste the code, click enter and download to your desktop.

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