Inventor of the Synthesizer Documentary ~ Moog: A Film by Hans Fjellestad

Moog DocumentaryTitle: Moog
Directed by: Hans Fjellestad
Produced by: Ryan Page
Cinematography: Elia Lyssy
Editing by: Hans Fjellestad
Release date(s): 2004
Running Time: 1:09:04

Anyone who has heard and loved some of the finest in soul music has heard the impacts of Dr. Robert Moog, the inventor who is credited with creating one of the first electronic organs. This amazing documentary is a must see for anyone interested in the sounds that have made some of our favorite songs of all time.

More about Moog:

Moog is a 2004 documentary film by Hans Fjellestad about electronic instrument pioneer Dr. Robert Moog. The film features scenes of Dr. Moog interacting with various musical artists who view Moog as an influential figure in the history of electronic music.

Moog is not a comprehensive history of electronic music nor does it serve as a chronological history of the development of the Moog synthesizer. There is no narration, rather the scenes feature candid conversation and interviews that serve more as a tribute to Moog than a documentary.

The film was shot on location in Hollywood, New York, Tokyo, and Asheville, North Carolina where Moog’s company is based. Additional concert performances were filmed in London and San Francisco.

The film’s 2004 release was designed to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Moog Music, Robert Moog’s company that was founded as R.A. Moog Co. in 1954.

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