New Documentary “Prince: Last Year of a Legend” Receives Mixed Reviews from Fans

Prince Last Year of a Legend Documentary
A lot of mixed reviews have been surfacing about a new documentary which claims to reflect the life of Prince during his final year alive. Apparently, the film, which was developed by Channel 4, explores the late singer’s life beginning with a secret White House gig and ends with his untimely death from an overdose of the prescription drug Fentanyl. According to the UK’s Guardian, “The documentary threw out some pretty dubious claims. It said that the shows of the final year were the most personal performances of his career, for example, and that Prince was at the peak of his artistic powers. At times the script sounded like cobbled-together facts plucked from his encyclopedia page, or a Prince bingo drinking game. Sinead O’Connor? Check. Wrote about sex then stopped singing about sex? Check. Changed his name to a symbol? Yup. Wrote “Slave” on his face to protest his record label? Check.”

We are looking forward to checking it out to see if it answers any of the lingering questions many fans still have. Based on the initial responses, we doubt it will.

Check it out below:

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